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Contribution Maximizer

Use this tool to calculate the deferral percentage you need if you want to contribute the maximum annual amount allowed by the IRS into your plan.

This tool can be used after you've already made contributions for the current year, or prior to the start of a new year. You will need to know your current contribution rate or your year-to-date contributions. A current pay receipt or plan statement will provide this information.

Click here to see the assumptions used in this calculator.

After you've entered / confirmed your information below, press "Calculate" to determine your maximum deferral percentage and amounts.

Input - Paycheck Information
Are you planning for current year or next year?
Annual Salary:
How often are you paid?
How much have you contributed to your plan so far this year?
 Use my actual year-to-date contribution:
 Use my current contribution rate to estimate1:
Do you intend to make Age 50+ Catch-up contributions if you are eligible?   No  Yes 
Do you expect to receive any bonuses or commission payments this year?   No  Yes 
1Do not use this option if you have changed your contribution rate this year, or you receive bonuses/commissions that use a different deferral rate than your base salary.

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