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Paycheck Comparison

This calculator is intended to demonstrate the effect of before-tax savings on your take-home pay. Additionally, you have the ability to enter an "Alternate Pre-tax Savings" amount or percentage to get an idea of how changing your contribution level would affect your take-home pay. See the potential benefit of contributing to your defined contribution plan by carefully reviewing the additional savings you gain each pay period by saving pre-tax dollars. Local taxes, insurance and other potential deductions are not included in this analysis. As a result, your actual payroll calculations may be different.

This calculator does not provide tax or legal advice. You are strongly urged to contact your tax or legal advisor for additional plan contribution and deferral information.

After you've entered and confirmed your information below, press "Calculate" to determine your estimated paycheck amounts.

Input - Paycheck Comparison Information
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After Tax Savings per Pay Period:
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Assumed Rate of Return:
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Number of Years Until Retirement Distributions:
Current Plan Balance:

*Check with your state law as to the status of salary deferrals to 401(k) and similar retirement plans.

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